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Floor Sitting for health

So I’ve come back from this years  Osteopathy Australia conference, with my mind full of new ideas and exciting things that I can use to help more people feel better.  One of them was a talk and short practical session with Phillip Beach.  He is an Osteopath who is originally from Australia, but has spent many years overseas leaning and developing his concepts and interventions.

The main concept he talked about with our session was the idea that we all sit on chairs too much.  The human body is amazing with its self-healing mechanisms and its ability to adapt to different environments and stresses.  Unfortunately, sitting in one position for many hours of the day could be negatively impacting our health.

We know with research that sitting on a chair has greater force on the discs in the low back when compared to standing up or lying down (see image below).  I also know within myself that when I’ve been doing anything for too long I start to feel tight/stiff/achey (think about getting out of the car after driving for a few hours – you will want to stretch afterwards).


To that end – it was his suggestion, and part of his therapy to help people with generalised movement problems that getting used to spending more time on the floor was in the long term better for health and quality of movement.  The added bonus, is that getting up off the floor is good conditioning for your muscles rather than simple getting up from a chair.  sidenote: This is not a recommendation for everyone, I know some people will in fact make themselves feel more worse due to underlying conditions.

So for the next month, I have given up my lounge chair at home and instead have gotten myself a foam Matt.  I got the Matt as i have spend time on my floor boards and found them to be a little too hard, and at times quite cold.  I will still sit in chairs at work (though i have swapped out for my stool, so will not be sitting with the chair back).

Trying to keep things clean with pets and two young children can be challenging

Over the coming  weeks I will update you all on how it has been feeling, things that I’ve noticed and some floor stretches that you can do at home for general fitness and mobility.

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