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Introduction Video for Osteopath and Massage Diamond Creek

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If you don’t wan to watch it feel free to read the transcribed version below


Hi, My name is Luke From Good Health Osteopathy in Diamond Creek. Good Health Osteopathy is a family run business currently made up of myself and my lovely wife angie.  I am an osteopath who graduated in 2008. I initially spent my first few years working up in Brisbane which is where I am originally from. My wife is a massage therapist who does deep tissue, sports and relaxation massage.  We work here to empower change. We do this by doing our best to identify the cause of any pain or injury that presents to us.  From there we can suggest stretches, exercises or changes at home so that you as a patient have more control over your health and well being.  We look forward to seeing you here, feel free to ring to make an appointment or book online at


Good Health Osteopathy Diamond Creek
Dr. Luke Richter (Osteopath) and Angie Richter (Massage)
329-347 Diamond Creek Road, Diamond Creek 3089
Providing massage and osteopathic treatment for those in Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Eltham, Hurstbridge and surrounding suburbs.

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