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I’m often asked if osteopathy can be covered through Medicare. In a tight economy, finding money to take care of your body can be tough, especially if it’s an ongoing problem/condition. For many years now, Medicare has had a system in place to help subsidise treatments with allied health professionals, such as osteopaths, dietitians, psychologist, podiatrist and more. In its early stages it was called Enhanced Primary Care, but is currently known as Chronic Disease Management (CDM).  The full information can be found on the Medicare web site, but the basis of it is, that those eligible can have up to 5 treatments per year which Medicare helps pay for.  In times gone by, those with CDM plans would have to visit the local branch in Greensborough, but now these can be bulk billed.

Who is eligible?

Eligible people are those who have a “chronic condition” which can be helped with allied health treatment. It is generally considered to be part of a team approach (more than 3 practitioners – typically your GP and two others). Chronic is generally defined at being present for more than 6 months.

This can be for musculo-skeletal pain: for example ongoing issues with headaches, low back pain or joint pain, or alternatively can be for problems arising from chronic disease such as heart disease or diabetes.

What do I have to do?

A Chronic Disease management plan is put in place by your GP, and it is up to their discretion as to what sort of treatment might be best for you. This is no reason however, that you cannot talk to your GP and suggest to them what you feel might work best. The referral for 5 treatments can be all for one therapy such as osteopathy, or may be split to have 3 visits with one therapy and 2 with another, depending on what your chronic condition might be.

If you wish to be referred to a certain practitioner/therapy, you will need to know certain details to give to your GP.  Please be aware the decision for referral is ultimately up to your GP to decide.  For example, if you wanted to be referred to Good Health Osteopathy you would need these details:

Clinic name: Good Health Osteopathy

Practitioner name: Dr. Luke Richter (osteopath)

Provider number: 4110996Y

Address: 5B 329-347 Diamond Creek Road, Diamond Creek

Why ask to be referred to Good Health Osteopathy in Diamond Creek?

Under the Chronic Disease Management scheme, patients have to be referred to specific practitioner’s and Clinics. Depending on the clinic, you may be charged a gap between what Medicare covers, and what the clinic charges. For example if a consultation is typically $70, and Medicare covers $52.95, you will have a gap of $17.05.   At Good Health Osteopathy we bulk bill Chronic Disease Management referrals on the spot, so you aren’t out of pocket any money!

If you have any questions or concerns about this feel free to ring Good Health Osteopathy, or send a query thought the Contact page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr. Luke Richter (osteopath)

Good Health Osteopathy

5B 329-347 Diamond Creek Road,

Diamond Creek

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