Babies and flat sports

Here at Good Health Osteopathy Diamond Creek, I see a range of different patients from varying ages and conditions.  A common reason for parents to bring young babies in for assessment and treatment is the appearance of a Flat spot, or the head not being symmetrical.

Amy Leung recently wrote an article on it which gives a bit more information about it  Babies and Flat spots.

I feel the benefits of Osteopathic treatment can be many.

First, it provides another point of contact for someone in the health industry to ask questions about your child.  Some questions are best answered by your maternal health nurse, and others your GP, but some can be answered at a consultation.

Second, a thorough assessment of your child, looking for areas of tightness or restriction.  With training and experience, I can identify which areas are likely ‘niggles’ and typically resolve as your child ages, and which ones are atypical and (in my opinion) would benefit treatment through gentle massage, stretching and other indirect techniques.

Finally, general advice.  As part of my osteopathic course, and with additional training after graduating (combined with having a young child of my own). I may be able to offer suggestions or tips which may help with your child.

So if you are looking for an osteopath in Diamond Creek, near Greensborough, St. Helena, Yarrambat and Eltham. Please feel free to call on 0434001470 or email at goodhealthosteo@gmail.com to discuss how i might be able to help your child.

Dr. Luke Richter (Osteopath)

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