Osteopathic Maintenance treatment in Greensborough, Eltham and surrounds

I often tell patients that the human body is an amazing machine.  It really is when you start to consider how we manage to co-ordinate all of our muscles together to be able to get out of bed in the morning (most days), how we extract energy from the food we eat, how we can usually convince our bodies with determination, training and perseverance to do almost anything we need it to do.  No one is bulletproof though, and no machine can do everything without fail.

If you treat your body like a machine, you begin to realise that all machines will need a service from time to time.  Take your car for example.  Theoretically we all service our cars about twice a year.  It needs to have the oil changed, and to have everything checked over to try and prevent any serious mechanical malfunction.  A maintenance treatment is much the same- a general check up before you get seriously injured.  Much like a car service, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll never have a problem.  But in my opinion, it does reduce the risk.

If you are anything like me, sometimes that car doesn’t get serviced exactly every six months.  What happens if you are overdue for your maintenance service.  Typically nothing, but if you keep missing them, you increase the risk of a major problem.  Our bodies even have warning lights, much like our cars.  Pain.  When you start to feel pain, its your bodies way of telling you that there is a problem that needs to be resolved.  Sometimes you can resolve it yourself, with stretching and exercises.  But sometimes it needs the help of a therapist, such as an osteopath to help keep things moving well.

To keep flogging the car analogy, if you were to decide to take your typical commuter car that you drive from St. Helena, Eltham, Diamond Creek etc to the city each day and take it out to race on a track on weekends, you would need to service your car more frequently.   Much the same with your body, if you decide to start running, going to the gym or generally increasing the physical demands on your body – there is going to be a higher demand for maintenance treatment to minimise the risk of injury.

Every body is different, so there is not set period of time for maintenance treatment.  Some people come in every six months, while others have a history of past injuries and might need some work every six weeks or so.  It comes down to the individual.

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